Most Customers are Positive Towards Amazon Creating Their Own Cryptocurrency


According to a new LendEDU survey , 58% of Amazon Prime customers responded that they would consider using “Amazon Coins”. As much as 45% of them would be willing to use Amazon as their go-to financial institution.

After disrupting many industries such as health care and food. New research shows that the e-commerce giant will possibly disrupt another big industry, the banking system. The majority of Amazon Prime customers would be open to  use the “Amazon Coin”, according to a LendEDU survey.

Approximately 52 % of the 1000 respondents were in favor of utilizing Amazon’s proprietary cryptocurrency for their future purchases. Further more, around 58 % of them were open to a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin.

On the other hand, there are 22% of the respondents that said “no” to the idea. Another 26% of them answered “unsure”.

Amazon Prime customers are also optimistic towards the idea to use Amazon for loans and credits.  50.3% of the survey’s participant were willing to use the e-commerce giant for private loans.

However, a majority of the 1000 people who participated in the survey were negative to the idea to use Amazon for mortgages. 38.2 % of them said they were “undecided”, 30 percent mentioned they would like to have an Amazon mortgage and approximately 32 % “would not even try”.

Another subject the survey was about his how Amazon customers are supportive of the idea that the company will compete with financial institutions. Around 45% of the respondents said they would utilize Amazon as their main bank account. Also, 49.6% of them would be willing to use Amazon’s savings account, compare to 15% that are opposed to the idea.

Only 17% mentioned they would trust Amazon more than a traditional financial institution and 38.3 percent compared banks and Amazon as having “about the same level of trust”.


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