Cryptocurrency Payments are Now Accepted for Plane Tickets


I Only Fly First Class, a company that offers reductions on business class and first class plane tickets, has partnered with StormX. It will offer plane ticket purchases in cryptocurrency, which will probably make many investors of the market happy.

The customers will be able to purchase the discounted plane tickets by using STORM Tokens through the Storm Play App.

The way I Only Fly First Class can give discounts to theirs customers is by purchasing all of their tickets through loyalty programs. They are the able to redistribute the free tickets they obtain with the loyalty points by giving a discount to all of their clients.

About the partnership, this is what StormX’s CEO had to say,

“Making first class flights available in cryptocurrency to savvy consumers, tech enthusiasts, adventurers, and bargain hunters is a momentous leap forward in merging the worlds of travel and crypto. Perhaps the most exciting is that StormX’s alliance with I Only Fly First Class means that travelling in style – once a luxury afforded by few – is now at the fingertips of everyday people. By watching advertisements or reviewing products, for example, anyone anywhere in the world can be rewarded in STORM Tokens and then use them to travel the world first class at more affordable fare.”

I Only Fly First Class’ CEO went in the same direction in his statement,

“The travellers on our platform come to us for the best luxury deals that are off the beaten path of traditional flight booking. Incorporating the added bonus of being able to pay in cryptocurrency – and being one of the first concierge services to offer this option – is an exciting way to recognise our thriving community. Our focus is to provide the most progressive, upscale, and secure air travel experience in the world, and our alliance with StormX will help us make this a reality for an entirely new community of tech lovers.”

This partnership could pave the road for cryptocurrency and the travel industry to work together. This could mean that, in the near future, we might be able to pay for all-inclusive hotels and exotic cruises with our coins. It is always nice to see companies accept cryptocurrencies, as the adoption of the technology will be accelerated by normalizing the process of using crypto for online purchases.




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