How Blockchain will change Artificial Intelligence


The main goal of artificial intelligence (AI) is to allow machines to learn and apply the knowledge collected from large streams of data to make them more intelligent. For instance, speech-pattern recognition and self-driving cars are considered AI.

Blockchain technology helps to keep accurate records, execution and authentification, which helps the AI in decision making, assessing, and understanding patterns and dataset. Blockchains and AI share many characteristics which will certainly ensure an interaction in the near future.

2 Features merging Blockchain and AI

  • Security : When dealing with high value transactions on the blockchain network, there’s an important need for security. This already applies via the exisiting protocols. On the other hand, for Artificial Intelligence, there is also a great need for security  to reduce the probability of  disastrous accidents because of the autonomous nature of the machines.
  • Blockchain and AI require data sharing: With a decentralized database, it is very important that the data is shared between multiple clients on a particular network. For Artificial Intelligence, it relies mainly on data sharing (Big Data). With a decentralized database, there will be much more data to analyse, so the predictions and assessments of the machines will be more accurate and the algorithms produced, more reliable.

How blockchain can remodel the way we use AI 

  • Open market for data: Currently, the improvement of Artificial Intelligence depends on the availability of data from many sources such as Google and Facebook. They have access to a big amount of data , which is very useful for AI processes, but isn’t accessible to the public.However, the blockchain can solve the problem of data availability with the peer-to-peer connection. Consenquently, the data becomes available for everybody on the network because it is a decentralized and distributed registry. Further more, there wouldn’t be any way to manipulate information like some entities do.
  • Big Data management structure: With an enormous amout of data stored in a decentralized structure, there are many benefits compared to the traditionnal centralized structure. The data is not stored in a single location, but it is shared through many computers, so if there is a crisis or a natural disaster there are no risk. With a decentralized system, hacking would be eliminated, so the data would be less prone to corruption.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning will shape the way our society functions. This will be facilitated by cryptography and the blockchain technology. It is safe to assume that this symbiotic duo will have a bigger and bigger reach in our everyday lives.


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