Nebulas (NAS)


Nebulas is a self-evolving blockchain platform which provides a search framework for all blockchains. As opposed to Google, which is used for everyday internet searches, Nebulas focuses on decentralized application (DApps), smart contracts and user’s blockchain assets. An incentive protocol will also be integrated to the  platform to reward developers who create good content.

Features of Nebulas

  • Nebulas Rank (NR): Value ranking system for DApps and smart contracts. This feature will allow the user to search for the highest rated blockchains. This will  further incentivize developers to create high quality content.
  • Nebulas Force (NF): Allows the upgrading of core protocols and smart contracts on the chains. It provides self-evolving capabilities to the system and it’s DApps, which allows the the applications to adapt to market or community changes.
  • Developers Incentive Protocol (DIP): System which awards developers Nebulas tokens for their work. Helps promote the use of the platform for developers who are hesitant on which platform to build their applications.
  • Proof of Devotion (PoD): This consensus algorithm has three key components: Speed, Irreversability and Fairness.
  • Nebulas Search Engine: Search engine for decentralized applications and smart contracts based on Nebulas Rank ranking. Allows to organize and classify all the DApps on blockchain platform.
  • Lightning Network Wallet: Allows for extremely fast transactions between users as well as atomic swaps, which allows you to exchange your Nebulas token for any lightning network enabled coin.

Their mainnet is set to launch in March 2018, which would mean they would be the first third generation distributed platform to officially launch. Until then, the NAS tokens are ERC20 tokens. The airswap will begin when the mainnet is launched.

Their team is composed of many experienced members, including their founder and CEO Hitters Xu, who also founded antshares (NEO). The rest of the team is comprised of ex Google, Alibaba and Air BnB employees.

Nebulas has circulating supply of 35 500 000 tokens and a total supply of 100 000 000 tokens. It currently has a market cap of just over 300 000 000  USD, which gives it a price of 8.55$ per token. It is available on OKEX, Huobi and

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